This summer, 30 young students from all the around the world have come together in Portland, Oregon, determined to change the footwear game by embarking in the PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship. Assigned to teams and representing a diverse range of brands, boutiques and major corporations across the industry, they’ve began their journey to design a product that’s ready for retail. These are their stories.


Roster: Dexter Sulit, Claudia Lopez, Daniel Raes and Marcus Taylor (CMF)

Have you ever walked into a room or store and immediately walked up to every surface to feel the texture? Have you ever liked something from a far and then when you held it in your hands you liked it less or loved it more? How about color, have you walked into an athletic shoe store lately and seen the rainbow of pigments and hues?

I for one love the texture of things. Ever since I was little I would refuse to wear certain clothes because the inside was too scratchy, or touch the walls in hotels to see if the wallpaper was raised. If you share any of these traits then you will certainly be interested in CMF lessons at Pensole taught by Suzette Henry. Day 1 of materials went well but I can feel the pain in my brain from all the information. Growing pains I hope.


I walked up to my desk this morning to find this. What’s in it you ask? I guessed it was some kind of diamond chain or fancy leather driving gloves. It was neither. In fact it was the most carefully packaged box of cookies I’ve ever received. These cookies were bestowed on me by Lindsey (CMF for teams UNDFTD and Android Homme).

Only a designer would make tasty cookies and then try to out-do said cookies with superfluous packaging. Anyways, Thanks Lindsey! Your cookies are now in my stomach.


Since we rearranged our desks team Adidas has had nothing but team Under Armour to look at. Luckily Ako hit us up with some questionable wisdom to ponder this morning.

“No Sleep, no idea.” –Ako

As for me, “No sleep, no problem.”

PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship Diaries: Day 8