Looking to raise awareness and funds to aid in helping his longtime friend Desmond Merriweather in his battle against colon Cancer, Penny Hardaway will be giving away an autographed pair of “Mystery” Foamposites.

All you have to do to guarantee your entry into the contest is head over to GiveForward.com and search “Together We Stand Up for Dez” and donate $ 100 towards the cause. From those who enter, one contributor will receive the surprise kicks in question. Spreading the humanitarian effort from the sole, and showing that sneakers are more than just a fashionable material possession, make sure you head over to previously mentioned site to give whatever is in your heart.

Mystery  Foamposite Giveaway! One pair of Autographed Foams to one lucky winner. Winner chosen in a drawing from everyone donating $ 100 benefiting Coach Dez’s Cancer Treatment Fund. For every $ 100 donation made, your name will be entered into the drawing. Go to GiveForward.com and search “Together We Stand Up for Dez”. Valid email required  #WeStandUp4Dez #KillCancer

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Penny Hardaway Is Giving Away a Pair of “Mystery” Foamposites for Charity

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